Post- Halloween Planning


Post- Halloween Planning

November 4, 2015
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Hello Notso Kitty fans! It has been a busy few weeks for us here at the Notso Kitty Shop lately! Between open market preparations, catching up on back orders and designing new products I feel like it’s been a little whirlwind of activity. I’m lucky to have more time to devote to Notso Kitty lately, but I still can’t seem to catch up on all I want to do (which is everything all at once 🙂 )! Oh well, all in good time I suppose!

Salem Halloween 2015

The Salem Open Market certainly was an adventure for Notso Kitty this year! This was only my second in-person sales experience with kitty stuff, but was my first dealing with people outside of CatCon (read: outside of my target market). Some people’s reactions to my cat hat creations were priceless — they would do double-takes in the middle of the pedestrian corridor and then stop to laugh at the funny cat pictures. Some people didn’t see the humor behind dressing your cat at all— calling me everything from “animal abuser” to just plain old “weird”—   it was different having to interact with these types directly ( instead of just ignoring their comments as I do on the internet 🙂 ).

Me in the Salem Open Market Notso Kitty Booth - 2015

Me in the Salem Open Market Notso Kitty Booth – 2015

I saw many crazy costumes and thousands of people in Salem, but I also learned an important lesson for future Notso Kitty sales ventures: just because there are people does not mean that they are going to automatically buy what you have to offer. Unfortunately I made more money selling cat ears to touristy types than cat hats for cat lovers in this go-round— but at least this lesson did not cost me money :). Though this wasn’t the targeted success that CatCon was, I did manage to network with a few people and get more in-person sales experience; invaluable opportunities!

Just a typical sidewalk gathering of people in Salem in October :)

Just a typical sidewalk gathering of people in Salem in October 🙂

Coming Up

I’m super-excited to announce that Notso Kitty will be participating in the upcoming Chrismukkah at Sowa Market on December 4th, 5th and 6th!  I have to catch up on a large order for catnip cat toys first, but I can’t wait to start designing things for Catsmas! Stay tuned for more updates on holiday products like kitty ornaments, cat-themed cards and of course holiday accessories for your favorite feline!Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.36.57 PM



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