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Cat Bow Ties & Chrismukkah!

Greetings kitty fans! It’s been a busy few months for us at Notso Kitty— between filling backorders, coming up with a few new designs and participating in SOWA’s Chrismukkah Market I’ve certainly had my hands full. In the last month or so  I estimate I’ve made over 1000 items by hand— not as easy to do as it sounds I assure you 🙂 My efforts have been rewarded  though—- many of the items I bought to the Chrimukkah market sold out completely!

Notso Kitty @ SOWA

This year I decided to participate in SOWA’s Chrismukkah Market— a new holiday market held in a heated tent in Boston’s South End. It ended up being a great success— not only was there a demand for my kitty-themed handmade items, but it ended up being a great market to participate in all-around. There were also far less touristy-type haters at this market than were the case at some past events I have done. Notso Kitty’s most popular items this time around ended up being both the bow ties and glasses for cats— good thing I made some new patterns for the occasion!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.35.11 PM

New Kitty Bow Tie Designs

With the holidays around the corner, I decided it was a good time to step up Notso Kitty’s bow tie offerings. We have many new designs in the shop now including ones in velour fabric and fun holiday prints! There is even one with some dreidels for Hanukkah kitties that has been quite a popular seller this year 🙂

DSC_0014 DSC_0004

What’s Next

Notso Kitty is SUPER PSYCHED to be attending the SECOND CATCONLA held in the same place as last year’s June 25-26, 2016! It’s a little early to be so excited, but I’m already planning out projects for the event. Stay tuned for more adventures soon!

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