Notso Kitty Blog Renewal!


Notso Kitty Blog Renewal!

August 22, 2016
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Hello Notso Kitty fans! It has been months since I posted an update about my cat-tastic life in general and one is majorly overdue! From website changes to kitty updates, I have covered a lot of ground in the last 8 months without blogging about it all — forgive me for the lack of communication!  So what’s been going on with Notso Kitty in the meantime?

RIP Notso Fluffy

Yes, this first topic is a sad one, but it’s unfortunately kept me more occupied in the past year than I would like to admit. After battling obvious GI disease (likely lymphoma) for the better part of a year, Notso Fluffy, original muse and Cat Executive Officer (CEO) of Notso Kitty passed on February 18th, 2016. At the time I had been in denial that Notso could ever be taken from me and that I would have to figure out a way for my company to move on without his direct inspiration. Needless to say his passing hit me unbelievably hard when it did actually happen and unfortunately stalled the progress of Notso Kitty as well since Notso was such an integral part to my creative process.

Notso Fluffy

The Great Notso Fluffy

I tried as hard as I could after Notso died to “just get over it” and fill my life with work— but unfortunately when most of my work projects were inspired by him it just wasn’t easy at all. I had no other choice but to take a break from my old creative process for a couple of months. In all of this I learned some valuable lessons: the life of a cat entrepreneur will likely involve heartbreak over cats, and you shouldn’t rush your grieving process even if you think your business needs you to. Moving forward I hope to remember these things— I have a feeling they won’t be the last time I’m dealing with them unfortunately.

What About Fluff?

In the beginning of February Fluff had NEVER had a health problem other than an occasional hairball. Unfortunately by the end of February Fluff had been to the vet for several health scares– perhaps bought on by the stress of his brother’s passing. After spending half the month of August fearing his imminent demise, it appears Fluff is on the mend again with some new Rx’s and hope! We’re hoping his progress continues— I almost feel like I’m on borrowed time with him lately, but I’ll take EVERY DAY I CAN! Hopefully he sticks around awhile more.


Fluff’s Sisters!!

After getting the “okay” from Fluff’s vet a few month’s after Notso’s death, I decided it would be a good idea to get Fluff some new friends in the form of new cats. Enter Pepita and Roxy Hissfit; two crazy 6-month year old kittens who I adopted from Black Cat Rescue, a Boston-area foster program. After a couple of tense weeks of new cat/old cat stand offs, Fluff has really warmed up to his new little sisters! Roxy Hissfit especially loves him—  we tease her because she never wants to leave her “boyfriend” Fluff’s side. Even when Fluff hasn’t been feeling well, his little sister Roxy checks in on him and guards his sleeping spot.

Pepita and Roxy are still pretty crazy since they are kittens and were feral for their first three months, but they have shown promise for being Notso Kitty executive cats someday! Roxy has modeled a few bow ties in test runs and Pepita has proven herself a great cat-toy tester already!  Even though Fluff has a lot left to teach them before they can be considered part of the Notso Kitty “boardroom”, they are well on their way to climbing the kitty corporate ladder!

Roxy Hissfit!

Roxy Hissfit!




Notso Kitty Future

The last eight months have been quite an adventure for Notso Kitty — in that time I have managed to vend at least 15 in-person events (including the 2nd CatConLA), update my Etsy shop a bit, and redesign my website twice.  All this while not so efficiently getting over the death of my muse…. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m still in the boat of thinking it has been worth it!

Sample of one of the new Halloween patterned bow ties!

Sample of one of the new Halloween patterned bow ties!


Much more work remains to be done in terms of business planning and figuring out my future schedule, but at least I’m getting more organized about it…. For example: you can now find upcoming events that Notso Kitty is attending on the events page right on this website! I’ve also been working on the 2016 Notso Kitty Halloween collection— this year I’m getting to it earlier than last year so that hopefully I’m not playing catch up in October again.  I have discovered the busy season for cat hats is October-December— this year is the first I can deal with that information ahead of time — hopefully that works out better for me and my sanity 🙂


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