About Notso Kitty


Notso Kitty began in 2009 as an outlet for the creative endeavors of Wendy Casazza Scruton. Over the years it’s purpose has become more concise: to design uniquely original products for cats and cat lovers of exceptionally quirky taste! Notso Kitty’s growing line includes such things as nerd glasses for cats and cat-themed stationary products. Check out the shop’s ever-changing selection on Etsy or at one of the upcoming in-person market events!


About Wendy, Pepita & Roxy Hissfit


Wendy Casazza Scruton has been inspired by the felines in her life since she can barely remember. Sometime when faced with frustration of her previous day job in an engineering field she started making hats and placing them on the heads of her two cats Fluffy and Notso Fluffy as a source of amusement. A few years and hundreds of hats and accessories later, she decided that she had found her calling and declared herself a fulltime “CAT-TASTIC entrepreneur”! Now Wendy, doing her creative cat business under the name “NOTSO KITTY”, attends events like CatCon in California and the SoWa Artist’s Market in Boston on a regular basis. Her products are also found at a few awesome retail spots around the United States and some online retail venues.

The great Notso Fluffy unfortunately passed away in early 2016. Fluffy lived on as Notso Kitty’s go-to model for a year after his brother’s passing, but then unfortunately he too succumbed to illness in February, 2017. Fluff and Notso will both always be the original muses for Notso Kitty and remembered and celebrated as such. They lived only 14 1/2 and 15 1/2 years respectively, but a piece of them will always be in this cat-tastic life.

Two new kitties joined the Notso Kitty family in May, 2016; Roxy Hissfit and her sister Pepita! Both are rescue kitties from Black Cat Rescue, a Boston area program for foster cats. Both are super adorable and have proved to be excellent testers of Notso Kitty toys! Fluff taught them how to model some pet accessories before he passed away— that’s just like Fluff to make sure that everything was set with the business before checking out. Roxy and Pepita both miss their big brother even though they knew his such a short time, but are doing well by the lessons he taught them in how to be awesome cats!




Roxy Hissfit




Wendy Scruton


Notso Fluffy, Dear Departed Muse

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