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New Holiday Cat Photos : Notso & Fluffy

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately– my cats being the subject matter of most of them. In this post I’ll be sharing with you my recent Holiday Cat Portraits! Notso Fluffy and Fluffy have become quite the well-behaved models lately– if only Notso would stop trying to eat my fake Christmas tree 🙂 I shot all of these pictures with my Nikon D3100 DSLR with a fixed focal length 35mm 1:1.8G lens.  I shot most with maximum aperture to give the background that other-worldly feel that I so adore. Enjoy!

For the first few cat portraits I captured Notso and Fluffy’s reactions to the first snow. Neither was crazy about this development— they adore going outside, but not when there is any sort of precipitation. Notso made it further down the porch steps than Fluff did— but both were inside within three minutes.

Snow Cat Portrait - Notso Fluffy

Sniffing the snow

First Snow Cat Portrait

Fluffs was not so impressed.

First Snow Cat- Fluffer

Next we have our Holiday cat photos I took of Notso and Fluffy in front of our very first Christmas tree. I’ll post more pictures of my holiday decor later— it’s not complete yet, but well on it’s way to being fabulous! In the meantime here are the kitties in all their holiday glory 🙂

Fluffy Cat Holiday Portrait

Christmas Cat Portrait

Next I managed to catch a few adorable pictures of Notso sleeping on one of my couch pillows. I think it’s so cute how he covers his face with his paws and completely zonks out.

Sleepy Cat Portrait

Sleepy Cat Portrait - Notso Fluffy

This next picture I took awhile ago, but I love it for Christmas because Fluffs looks like he is caroling! HA!

Caroling Cat

That’s all the holiday cat photos for now. Happy Holidays from Notso & Fluffy!

New Glasses for Cats– and a few other notes

Hello again! This marks the fourth week in a row that I am blogging about some new cat glasses for cats that are now populating the Notso Kitty Shop. I certainly have been busy/inspired lately! I think it is because it is near Halloween, but the Kitty Shop’s sales have been up as well! I have to keep motivated to replenish the inventory and make sure I’m coming up with new designs as well. This week I created another pair of bling glasses for cats— this time for Saint Patrick’s Day. I also made a pair of candy-cane inspired cat glasses to compliment future holiday outfits. How did they come out? Well let’s see.

Saint Patrick’s Day Glasses for Cats

First I came up with some fabulous new Irish bling shades for my kitty.

Saint Patrick's Day Glasses for Cats

I have also included an outtake from our photo session to show what happens when Notso pulls a diva fit in the middle of modeling. Cat models are high maintenance!


Candy Cane Glasses for Cats

This year I wanted to come up with a few things for the holidays that could be worn individually or together with other parts of a Christmas outfit. These candy cane glasses look great on their own, or could be used to spruce up a kitty santa or kitty elf.

Candy Cane Glasses for Cats

What ever will next week bring? I’m not even sure yet myself! I have so many ideas and so many rhinestones and pieces of felt— a dangerous combination if ever there was one.



Halloween Cat Hats & Cat Glasses : New Looks for the Notso Kitty Shop

This week we have three lovely new cat costumes to add to the Notso Kitty Shop. What have I been up to in “Cat Hat Studio”? Let’s see, shall we?

Halloween Cat Hats – Ghost Edition

First off we have another Halloween cat hat– this one with ric-rack trim and a ghostly felt decoration on top. Fluffy enjoyed modeling it this afternoon. Halloween Cat HatI made this hat by hand-shaping wet felt over a container; then working in a layer of glue to stiffen it. Result in 24 hours: a well-formed hat that is ready to decorate. I’ve used this technique on several cat hats– I love the results so much! Expect a few more of these in different themes in the future.

“Notso You’re a Star” Cat Glasses

Okay, so maybe I’m the only one that recognizes that Notso should be famous for now…. But in the meantime he can act the part of a star in his new star-shaped cat sunglasses!

Cat Costume Cat Star Glasses

These glasses would make a great accessory for a Hollywood Halloween Costume for your Cat! Notso likes to wear his every day, because he’s a diva like that.

Halloween Pumpkin Cat Glasses

Here Notso models his new Pumpkin-tastic cat glasses! It’s funny how much Notso really doesn’t mind all sorts of glasses– he realizes they are a momentary occurrence after which he typically gets a treat.

pumpkin cat glasses

Notso looks just adorable in his new glasses! Would your cat like a pair for him or herself? Or perhaps he or she would like to look through the selection of cat hats? You can find them for sale in the Notso Kitty Shop. Happy Halloween!

More Cat Hats: Some Halloween Looks & The Return of the Planetary Fascinator

Well hello there! This marks the third week in a row where I have devoted my (somewhat) regular weekly blog post to the new cat hats I’ve been working on. What will be coming to the Notso Kitty Shop soon? Keep scrolling to find out!

Halloween Cat Hats

It’s almost Halloween which happens to be my favorite holiday! My cats were in need of a few looks for this special occasion; behold the cute felt jack o’ lantern cat hat I came up with. I think Fluffy looks sophisticated and festive at the same time!

Halloween Cat Hat

I’m also working on some other Halloween kitty looks. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in my workshopcat hat workshop

The Return of the Planetary Fascinator – Solar System Cat Hats

Today marks the long-awaited return of the Planetary Fascinator/ Solar System Cat Hat to the Notso Kitty Shop. It was this time last year that I first made this hat and posted it on Notso Kitty. My how time has just flown by! I had sold the original back in May and even created a planetary fascinator for a human in August, but it took me awhile to make a third version.  I took some new pictures of Notso posing wearing the new model– I think they came out pretty swell. If nothing else, at least my photo-taking abilities seem to have improved over the course of the year 🙂

Planetary Cat Hat

Solar System Cat Hat

Well, that’s all for this week’s kitty fun. Keep tuning in to Notso Kitty for more updates— more new looks and accessories are coming soon!

Kitty Bling Glasses for Cats

Every now and then I get on a “my cat must wear glasses” kick. I know that this is not a compulsion that occurs in most normal people, but alas I feel it wrong to deny myself (or my cat) of his right to wear fabulous shades! The Elton John look I created last week came out so fabulously that I just had to make some more bling-y glasses for cats for the Notso Kitty Shop! Watch for them appearing in the store soon.Cat Glasses

Elton John Cat Glasses

Notso was kind enough to show off his new looks in a modeling session this past afternoon. For the first look, I modeled the cat glasses off of Elton John’s 2010 Grammy look once again. Fabulous!

Glasses for Cats

Lady Gaga Cat Glasses

Next we have some more inspiration that was derived from the 2010 Grammy’s– this time I made some pink bling shades that approximate Lady Gaga’s Armani version she wore during her duet with Elton. Splendid!

Bling Shades for cats

Holiday Cat Glasses

Last, but not least, I made some holiday bling shades. The Notso Kitty Shop was in need for some new holiday kitty looks for this year— I think these fit the bill perfectly!

Christmas Glasses for Cats

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you have enjoyed my little foray into bling glasses for cats. Who knows what kind of kitty look I’ll come up with next. You’ll just have to visit the Notso Kitty Shop to find out 🙂

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