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Funny Books: My Summer Reading List

In the beginning of the year I made the resolution to try reading a book-per-week– books that either focused on artistic inspiration, design history, the entrepreneurial spirit, or something along those lines to help inspire me to do projects in the same vein. I made it 11 weeks before I started to realize that the time I was spending reading all these books was taking away from leisure activities that I love; mainly crosswords, funny books and fashion magazines. When I went away on vacation to Iceland I didn’t bring my normal creative literature, instead I bought Joan Rivers’ latest tomb I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me and Chelsea Handler’s Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me . Both proved to be excellent selections for my summer vacation reading.

Two funny ladies, two funny books

In Joan River’s new book: I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me, she presents a collection of one-liner jokes, organized by the groups of people or things she is hating on. Some of the jokes are horrible, some shocking, but the majority made me laugh out loud on our flight from Reykjavik back to Boston. Among my favorite parts of the book is when Joan reviews the shortcomings of each state in our union of fifty. Wonderful!

I had read every other book that Chelsea Handler has written so it was only natural for me to pick up Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me  when I saw it staring back at me in the airport newsstand. This book is a little different from the rest of Chelsea’s books as it is written from the perspective of the friends and family who have been the victims of her pranks instead of being written from the first person, but it still made for an entertaining book nonetheless. After reading all of Chelsea’s other books I found it sometimes hard to believe the level of high-jinks present in her stories. Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me  presented evidence that the types of accounts given in the other books actually happened since in “Lies” they are fully corroborated by the prank’s victims. Chelsea Handler is the type of prank legend we all wish we were, but we will never be due to fear of epic retaliation 🙂

When will I pick up my inspirational books again? I’m not sure. But in the meantime I have been enjoying my other leisurely literature. Sometimes all I need is a good laugh and that is inspiring enough. As long as there are funny women writing funny books, inspiration and leisurely enjoyment might be one and the same for me! I’m looking forward to Chelsea’s next publication– hopefully sooner rather than later!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, though I am not paid by anyone to write about these books.

The Great Decor Compromise

I finally got around to spray-painting Jorge II today. Who’s Jorge II? Well perhaps I should tell you about the first Jorge before I get started in explaining the second!

“Jorge” was once a part of a Halloween costume that my husband donned in the early aughts— he went to a party as a “subway maintenance worker” complete with giant scary rat gnawing on his neck. Unlike most people who would have discarded or recycled such an item after it’s initial intended use, Todd decided to keep his rat as part of his apartment decor. Mind you this was before we began dating…..He eventually named him “Jorge” after the ex-Yankees catcher Jorge Posada (my husband is a rabid Red Sox fan).

Nothing says "welcoming" like bloody fangs

When I first laid eyes on Jorge I was horrified. The thing is just so ugly! Upon being left alone in a room with it I decided it needed a costume to make it less horrible– so Jorge’s first costume was made out of paper napkins to look like a cape and hat. Over the next few years Jorge would have many costumes— but he was never less horrible to me. When my husband and I first moved in together Jorge was the source of more than one battle— I just didn’t want it anywhere in my house! Finally we compromised and he was allowed to stay in the living room, but this wouldn’t be for long.

Imagine this in your living room before you judge me for losing my temper

After a few months of cohabiting, Jorge finally wore out his welcome with me. My husband and I had a stupid fight over something— and I completely lost my temper and ripped Jorge’s foam head off! I had endured enough of that thing!!!! After I finally calmed down though I felt bad for taking my anger out on poor Jorge. I resolved that I would try to find an amenable replacement someday.

A few months ago as I was perusing the CB2 catalog I found it! A chartreuse-colored wire sculpture that kinda looked like Jorge. I hate the color chartreuse though (for personal reasons) so it had to be painted. White is the color I chose so it could show up nicely in our dark blue rec room. Welcome home Jorge II!!!


Creative Practical Jokes

It’s April Fool’s Day!!! My second favorite holiday (after Halloween)! To help me get into the spirit I’d like to give a break-down of some creative practical jokes I have played (or have had played on me) over the years….. Perhaps you will find some ideas to help fuel your own mischief-making 🙂

Notso says "Joke's on you!"

Joke #1) The sausage in the pillowcase

This joke that I had played on me was quite creative, but a bit disgusting at the same time. You see, I am a vegetarian  and my college roommate Tauheedah (a carnivore if there ever was one) loved to torment me. One night when I was sleeping (or passed out— whatever) Tauheedah slipped a Ziploc baggie filled with breakfast sausage links into my pillow case. The next morning I awoke to find said baggie— I didn’t understand what it was doing there, but I could not stop laughing— Tauheedah couldn’t either.  Whenever we tell this story to people that don’t know us they think we are deranged….. but I think it is a very successful and creative joke 🙂

Joke #2) The fishing line in the closet

Well I couldn’t let Tauheedah have the last laugh could I? For my next joke she was the victim— I enlisted some underclassmen help in getting them to string together the contents of her closet with fishing line. The results of this were amazing: Tauheedah went to grab a shirt and couldn’t get it out of her closet…. then the second shirt she grabbed had the same result….. Then the third….You get the idea. It wasn’t until she realized all her clothes were strung together that it started to make sense— but she was MAD because she was in a hurry. A perfect practical joke scenario 🙂

Joke #3)  Todd’s Facebook Profile picture

My husband Todd used to use a general password (which I also knew) for his Facebook account. I decided he needed a new profile picture one day, so I logged into his account and changed his picture to this:

Too bad Todd noticed before too long! His Fluffy profile picture did not last as long as I intended. He also changed his Facebook password to one I didn’t know soon after this incident. Drats!

I hope you have enjoyed my practical joke reminiscing… Perhaps I will find some new pranks today to share in the future. Have a great April Fools Day everyone!!

St Patricks Day Cat Hats!

Today happens to be a lovely President’s Day (observed), but I have another holiday on the brain: St Patrick’s Day! My kitties have been preparing for their favorite Irish holiday by modeling their new St. Pats-inspired looks for the Notso Kitty Shop! The shop has been a swirl of sequins, felt, pipe cleaners, cellophane among other materials lately in the name of the latest cat hat creations! And what fabulous looks they are…..

First we have Fluffy displaying a festive pair of St. Patrick’s Day shamrock kitty glasses! What cat doesn’t like to wear holiday glasses? None I tell you!

Fluffy Kitty St Patricks Day Glasses

Fluffy Kitty St Patricks Day Glasses

Now that’s one cool kitty!!! Fluffy decided that the glasses weren’t enough (and might not be the appropriate St Pats accessory for conservative kitties), so he decided a St Patricks Day Cat Hat would be needed as well. Here Fluff models his little sequined bowler cap that I made for him upon his request for more options.

St Pats Fluffy Cat Hat

St Patricks Day Fluffy Cat Hat

That’s one lucky Fluffy Kitty Cat! I’m continuing to come up with more and more cat hat looks for St Patricks Day (and other holidays) in the Notso Kitty Shop, so make sure to check them out if your are in the market for the latest in cat fashion attire!

Happy Super Bowl!

So my Lions didn’t make it to the Super Bowl…..Grrrrr! Get it together Lions! Anywho, Notso Fluffy & Fluffy want to wish other football fans out there a Happy Super Bowl Day! Perhaps next year the Lions will make it…. In the meantime, enjoy some Super Bowl Cats!

Notso Super Bowl Kitty Football

Notso Super Bowl Kitty

Fluffy Super Bowl Kitty

Fluffy Super Bowl Kitty


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