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Creative Practical Jokes

It’s April Fool’s Day!!! My second favorite holiday (after Halloween)! To help me get into the spirit I’d like to give a break-down of some creative practical jokes I have played (or have had played on me) over the years….. Perhaps you will find some ideas to help fuel your own mischief-making 🙂

Notso says "Joke's on you!"

Joke #1) The sausage in the pillowcase

This joke that I had played on me was quite creative, but a bit disgusting at the same time. You see, I am a vegetarian  and my college roommate Tauheedah (a carnivore if there ever was one) loved to torment me. One night when I was sleeping (or passed out— whatever) Tauheedah slipped a Ziploc baggie filled with breakfast sausage links into my pillow case. The next morning I awoke to find said baggie— I didn’t understand what it was doing there, but I could not stop laughing— Tauheedah couldn’t either.  Whenever we tell this story to people that don’t know us they think we are deranged….. but I think it is a very successful and creative joke 🙂

Joke #2) The fishing line in the closet

Well I couldn’t let Tauheedah have the last laugh could I? For my next joke she was the victim— I enlisted some underclassmen help in getting them to string together the contents of her closet with fishing line. The results of this were amazing: Tauheedah went to grab a shirt and couldn’t get it out of her closet…. then the second shirt she grabbed had the same result….. Then the third….You get the idea. It wasn’t until she realized all her clothes were strung together that it started to make sense— but she was MAD because she was in a hurry. A perfect practical joke scenario 🙂

Joke #3)  Todd’s Facebook Profile picture

My husband Todd used to use a general password (which I also knew) for his Facebook account. I decided he needed a new profile picture one day, so I logged into his account and changed his picture to this:

Too bad Todd noticed before too long! His Fluffy profile picture did not last as long as I intended. He also changed his Facebook password to one I didn’t know soon after this incident. Drats!

I hope you have enjoyed my practical joke reminiscing… Perhaps I will find some new pranks today to share in the future. Have a great April Fools Day everyone!!

Notso Kitty Shop— Featured on Catster!

Whoo Hoo— I love free press for the Notso Kitty Shop! My store is being featured in Catster’s blog post entitled Cat Chic: 10 Furrocious Feline Fashion Designers. Fluffy’s Kanye West/Kitty West look is the featured picture in the article.

Kanye West Kitty West

Kanye West Kitty West

Aside  from the Notso Kitty Shop, 9 other fabulous cat designers are featured in the article. Check them out when you have a chance to see what else is new in the land of cat haute couture!


New Favorite Kitty TV: My Cat From Hell

Some people out there insist that cats (generally speaking) are the spawn of satan. To these people I say: An evil cat takes an evil owner! Every cat that I have ever met in my life with behavioral problems has belonged to somebody that ALSO had behavioral problems! This is a theory that I have been foisting on would-be cat haters for years with little to no proof…… Until NOW!

Enter My Cat From Hell, the fabulous series on Animal Planet. In it we find many cases of evil cats…… but also proof of their evil owners! Case in point the first episode of My Cat From Hell I watched in which “Larry” the cat is examined….. First of all, these people named their cat Larry when it is a girl— I’d be pissed too if my name was Larry! Then they go on to show the way these clueless (and yes, probably evil) people are disciplining their cat.  A guy actually thought it was appropriate to poke a pissed off cat repeatedly with a pole!!! Watch the video below if you don’t believe me:

With this new evidence from My Cat from Hell I ask cat haters to consider perhaps why they are hating cats…… Is it the cats that should actually be hated, or perhaps just some misguided owners? Perhaps this show can educate and convert a few more would-be cat haters to the Notsokitty way of life!

Valentine’s Day Cats

Notso and Fluffy have been hard at work preparing for Valentine’s Day. What do they have in store, you wonder? Well, they’ve been creating special Valentine’s Day themed accessories  for cats to wear over the next few weeks. Notso has been modeling up a storm— the new heart-shaped kitty glasses that I created for the NotsoKittyShop are just his cup of tea. I created a few pairs- some with and without glitter.

Valentine's Day kitty glasses

Valentine's Day kitty glasses

My kitty Valentine

My kitty Valentine

Though Notso’s outfits have not been selling as well on the NotsoKittyShop as those of Fluffy, he begged and pleaded to be the kitty model for the Valentine’s Day pictures. I think he pulled it off; Fluffy just wasn’t into modeling these glasses as much as Notso was…. Cat model drama!

As you can see my kitties are ready for Valentine’s Day! Perhaps your kitties will be ready too once they have their own heart-shaped kitty glasses from the NotsoKittyShop.

The Famous Notso Fluffy

Notso Fluffy is now being featured on pissedoffetsycats.tumblr.com . Pissed off Etsy Cat?  Evidently Notso’s portrayal of William Tell’s apple target comes off to some as a bit grumpy in my Notsokittyshop on Etsy….. If only they knew he was just being impatient waiting for more treats!

William Tell Cat Hat

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