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The Sharknado Cat Hat & Other Adventures

Greetings people! The Sharknado Cat Hat is finally here! I know you have been waiting your whole life (or at least since the movie came out about a month ago) for a cat hat that would compliment THE BEST MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION! Alas, the Notso Kitty Shop has you covered!

Sharknado Cat Hat

I knew I had to make a cat hat inspired by Sharknado as soon as I first viewed the cinematographic masterpiece on the Syfy channel. Not only is Sharknado a fabulous movie worthy of cat hat homage, it is also a pop culture phenomenon! I tried to get to work on this cat hat right away, but found myself challenged with the design– how could I manage to capture the greatness of Sharknado on a little cat hat? Six weeks and three prototypes later, I think I finally had something that was suitable that my cat didn’t mind wearing (REALLY ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Glitter Sharks

Glitter Sharks wait to be used on the Sharknado cat hat

Glitter sharks

Notso keeps an eye on the Glitter sharks

Notso finally approved of a prototype today— here is him modeling the results

Sharknado Cat Hat

Alas, I don’t think this cat hat quite captures all the fabulousness that is Sharknado— perhaps if it came with Ian Ziering then it might….. But it’s as good as it’s going to get for the time being. Notso can’t wait to wear this at his Sharknado 2 viewing party—- OF COURSE there is a sequel planned (but you probably already knew that ๐Ÿ™‚ )!

Aside from the Sharknado inspiration, I made a few new little monster cat hats for Halloween. I think they came out ADORABLY, but perhaps I am biased so I will let you judge for yourself in the pics below.


Monster Cat Hat Halloween

Monster Cat Hat Halloween

Notso was pretty tuckered out after all that cat hat modeling! That’s all for now…. until next time!


Cat Hat Sales and Production are UP! Thanks Etsy!

Cat hats have officially gone viral thanks to Etsy featuring the planetary fascinator/ solar system kitty hat on their main facebook page! How exciting! Within a few hours of being featured, I had over 10,000 new views of my store, hundreds of new fans, and a few new orders to top everything off!

Here is a screen grab of Etsy’s page— over 3000 people “like” Notso!Planetary cat hat

With all this newfound attention, I had to get back to work producing a few new kitty hats! I had to make three solar system fascinators ย and one Princess Beatrice fascinator to catch up with my orders. Here are some pics of what Cat Hat Studio looked like in the process:

cat hat studio

In the above picture, I have just laid out all my supplies for making 4 hats (I actually ended up making 5; 3 planetary, 2 Princess Beatrice— to make sure my hats are back in stock for future orders). I think 5 is the maximum number I can work on at once without losing track of what I’m doing ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is the paint palette that is used for painting the planets of the planetary fascinator. I like to use bright colors so that that the hat looks festive and fun at any given moment.


The below picture shows my fingers, mid- cat hat process. I wonder why I haven’t been trying to keep up with my manicures lately ๐Ÿ™‚


Half-way through the process and more supplies (GLITTER!) are introduced to the equation below on my desk.


3 completed planetary fascinators are photographed together above

3 boxes ready to be sent out are photographed together below



Thanks Etsy for giving the Notso Kitty Shop a little extra attention! Who knows what cat hat will go viral next, but I’m sure looking forward to the next occasion! Now back to the studio to get to work on more hats!!

Dusting off my Cat Hat-Making Supplies

It had been awhile since I’ve made a cat hat, or any kind of hat actually. That all changed this week when I was commissioned to make a fabulous planetary fascinator (for a person!) based upon my planetary cat hat from a few months ago. “What? You do not design hats for humans!” you might be saying…… Alas, this was a special case. A girl named Stephanie Yuhas contacted me about needing a hat for the Philadelphia Geek Awards. Normally I say no to all human-hat requests….. but this one I decided to make an exception on. After all, who am I to deny my one of my fellow nerds and geeks proper head attire for her very worthy awards ceremony? Here is how my hat came out:

Here is a better picture of just the hat (not being modeled on someone’s head)

And here is a picture of the original on Mr. Notso Fluffy!

Planetary Cat Hat

I think Stephanie’s hat came out quite well considering what she asked for and its purpose. I can just imagine this thing parading around the Geek Awards in all its nerdy glory. Ha!ย I have designed some other hats for humans in the past– here is a picture of a Birthday bucket that I designed for one of my friends about 10 years ago (Fluffy thought it tasted wonderful)

I don’t think I’ll be doing many more “human fascinators” in the near future, but I certainly have had fun making the few I have. Perhaps I might be motivated to make a few cat hats again soon. Perhaps!

The Notso Kitty Shop : “On Vacation”

Well hello there readers. I have some sad news— my “real” job is calling me away from my cat hat studio for the next two weeks. Booooooooooo! Because of this I have had to put the Notso Kitty Shop on temporary “vacation mode” until probably May 12th. How ironic since my “real” job is quite the opposite of a vacation! But anyhoo, never fear dear Notso Kitty fans— I will be back with a vengeance (this is a hint towards my next little kitty project) in a few weeks time! I hope you’ll bear with me.


In the meantime, hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in a few blog posts and training hours from my creative bucket list over the next few weeks so all progress isn’t lost. This trip serves as an important reminder for me: sometimes to be motivated to keep going on the course towards my own personal happiness, I have to remember what makes me so unhappy through some temporary suffering. I’m hoping my temporary discomfort (and lack of Kitty world) will build further resolve to move forward with my kitty world plans when I return. That’s called looking on the bright side ๐Ÿ™‚


Extreme Makeover: Workshop Edition

I can never just decorate a room and leave it be— I don’t really believe in any living space ever being “finished” in my life. Almost every room in my house is lacking something that I think it needs; but I am somewhat paralyzed when it comes to certain home item purchases. Decor has never been something I’ve gravitated towards– I just can never picture items in my own home. And don’t get me started on picking furniture out– I just never feel like there’s something out there that’s calling my name for the right price. Good thing I don’t mind a sparsely decorated house! Unfortunately for me though my office/workshop is in desperate need of an upgrade– and this necessitates that I undertake previously mentioned hated tasks. Grr!

The Before

Loyal readers will recall Fluffy’s tour of ย Cat Hat Studios in a post at the end of ย  ย  December. For those that don’t remember, here’s the 360-degree before view of my craft/work space.

Cat Hat Studios 360

Cat Hat Studios 360

The Needs

My studio was pretty great and all, but I have been becoming aware of needs that I would like it to fulfill in the future– needs that could not be met in the “before” space. Mainly these needs are:

-Room for Desk Top Computer
-New Chair(s)
-Designated art/craft storage space
-More use of wall space

The “During”ย 

Without having much of a plan, I’ve jumped right into the make-over process. Here are a few pictures of our “during” makeover process. Nothing much to see here Fluffy!

office space

potential office space

Fluff investigates the rearrangement

Fluff investigates the rearrangement

The Ideas

I’m still not sure where this re-decoration project will take me– it’s pretty cool to be starting with a mostly-blank slate. Here are some things that have struck my fancy on Pinterest lately— not sure how I’ll incorporate the ideas into my final design, but we’ll see before too long!

Source: housebeautiful.com via Wendy on Pinterest

Source: cb2.com via Wendy on Pinterest


The After


What shall the future hold? Stay tuned!!!!


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