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The Sharknado Cat Hat & Other Adventures

Greetings people! The Sharknado Cat Hat is finally here! I know you have been waiting your whole life (or at least since the movie came out about a month ago) for a cat hat that would compliment THE BEST MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION! Alas, the Notso Kitty Shop has you covered!

Sharknado Cat Hat

I knew I had to make a cat hat inspired by Sharknado as soon as I first viewed the cinematographic masterpiece on the Syfy channel. Not only is Sharknado a fabulous movie worthy of cat hat homage, it is also a pop culture phenomenon! I tried to get to work on this cat hat right away, but found myself challenged with the design– how could I manage to capture the greatness of Sharknado on a little cat hat? Six weeks and three prototypes later, I think I finally had something that was suitable that my cat didn’t mind wearing (REALLY πŸ™‚ ).

Glitter Sharks

Glitter Sharks wait to be used on the Sharknado cat hat

Glitter sharks

Notso keeps an eye on the Glitter sharks

Notso finally approved of a prototype today— here is him modeling the results

Sharknado Cat Hat

Alas, I don’t think this cat hat quite captures all the fabulousness that is Sharknado— perhaps if it came with Ian Ziering then it might….. But it’s as good as it’s going to get for the time being. Notso can’t wait to wear this at his Sharknado 2 viewing party—- OF COURSE there is a sequel planned (but you probably already knew that πŸ™‚ )!

Aside from the Sharknado inspiration, I made a few new little monster cat hats for Halloween. I think they came out ADORABLY, but perhaps I am biased so I will let you judge for yourself in the pics below.


Monster Cat Hat Halloween

Monster Cat Hat Halloween

Notso was pretty tuckered out after all that cat hat modeling! That’s all for now…. until next time!


A Creative Bucket List Update

Hello Readers! I am glad you haven’t abandoned me— I’ve been taking my sweet time between posts lately. It’s been very hard for me to sit down and type something Β in recent weeks when I’m not at work– there are just too many things I want to do outside and around the yard! But alas, I will try to post more often than I have been– I need to do something to get me motivated to make more stuff for the Notso Kitty Shop. This blog was helping to keep me on track before, but I have been “off the reservation” for a few weeks now. So it goes sometimes! It’s just too nice outside to feel bad about enjoying it πŸ™‚

Icelandic Poppy

A lovely Icelandic Poppy that is blooming in my garden

Back in April I posted a “Creative Bucket List“– a list of things that I wanted to accomplish to augment the creative ventures I pursue from time to time. It has Β been about two months, so I suppose it is time to take inventory again. Where am I? Well— I admit— not far! Of the items on that list, the only things I have managed to complete are some Photoshop training (not the whole CS5 training which was my goal) and the backyard makeover which I posted about a few weeks ago. I’m not too worried about completing the other stuff on that list— all in due time. Except for planning my Iceland vacation— that is sneaking up on me quickly!


My white Peony didn't wait until I purchased my new camera lens to turn brown


This Peony faired better for photographing

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying some time with my cats and my garden. I also managed to FINALLY purchase better lenses for my camera! I went with two fixed lenses this time— one 50mm/1.8, the other 35mm/1.8— let’s see if I can take any better pictures! Between the garden, camera and cats it’s no wonder I’ve been so distracted. I’m not sure I mind though πŸ™‚ Till next time, enjoy my recent pics that I’ve taken around the house.

The Great Notso Fluffy




Cat Fashion Kindred Spirits

Do you know why I love Etsy so much? It’s not because I’m making lots of money from cat hat sales over there— I wish, though not yet…. And it’s not because I love Β my shop’s overall design— this I have only done half-ass for the time-being. It’s because there are so many other inspiring cat crazies over there doing their thing as only cat crazies can! πŸ™‚ I wasn’t the first cat accessory seller on Etsy and I certainly won’t be the last— for today’s blog post I’m giving a shout out to some of my fellow kitty-craft creators. I love how everybody is so different— and this shows in the different ways they approach their kitty looks. The Notso Kitty Shop is in very good cat-look company!

Snoop Catty Cat

Snoop Catty Catt

Snoop Catty Catt is a shop that focuses on neck ware for kitties. Ties, bow ties, and tuxedo fronts all can be found for you favorite feline. The shop owner has a degree in fashion design— she definitely puts it to good use here!

Pampered Whiskers

Snoop Catty Catt

I imagine if your cat were a southern belle it would want you to buy all her outfits at Pampered Whiskers. Carolyn Cooling from Houston, Texas has many designs– among them; a pimp, a flower, Uncle Sam, a bunny rabbit, etc etc. Her cats and dogs seem well-clothed for any occasion πŸ™‚



Cat hats– crocheted edition πŸ™‚ SarabiRose is a little kitty boutique hailing all the way from Australia! She specializes in crocheted mini-hats for cats— some with pop culture references (like Mario and Luigi and the Cat in the Hat). I always love the intersection of pop culture, cats, and crafts so SarabiRose is right up my ally.

To Scarborough Fair


I love the little felt cat hat “photo props” that To Scarborough Fair has been peddling for quite some time. And the fact that she was once featured on “Good Morning America”— I love it when anybody in the cat fashion industry is recognized by mainstream media outlets— Legitimizes the cat crazy in all of us πŸ™‚



CatAtelier is definitely at the higher end of cat fashion options. The designs in this shop have a sophistication and seriousness that any discerning feline is sure to appreciate (unlike my store…. that’s the opposite of sophistication and seriousness πŸ™‚ ). French kitty berets, bow ties, James Bond looks, etc.

I love how I was able to discover all of these great cat fashion designers all in one place: Etsy! They have definitely helped further inspire my own Notso Kitty Shop and have served as a wonderful reminder that cat people are out there— and a some of them make really awesome hats!





Easter Cat in a Funny Hat…. or the tale of Poor Fluffy

Poor Fluffy….. I recently had my hubby build a blockade from preventing him from accessing his favorite hiding spot: an open-hole access panel for the motor to our bathtub. Prior to building this permanent blockade we had tried everything to keep Fluffy from going in there— boxes (which Fluff just batted out of the way), tin foil (which Fluff punched a hole through despite his aversion to the feel), a cardboard piece held in place by duct tape (Fluff peeled this off)— to no avail! Even the first time Todd tried to build the permanent blockade Fluff figured out a way through it— he managed to take the hinges off with his paws!!!

Simply told, I don’t want Fluff in the wall for safety reasons first. If something were to happen to him when he was under the bathtub and I couldn’t reach him I would probably react by sawing a hole through the bathroom wall! And nobody wants to see me with power tools πŸ™‚ So best to just keep the cat out of the wall to begin with.

home improvement: kitty edition

home improvement: kitty edition

We think Todd’s handiwork should do the job this time. He built this access door panel by using scrap wood that we had lying around our basement— and reinforced the screws this time so they are Fluffer proof!

There is an unexpected perk to walling-up Fluff’s hiding spot— he can’t escape from me when it comes time for cat hat picture time!! Oh poor Fluff, first he lost his hiding spot, and now this…..

Easter cat hat

Easter cat hat

Don’t worry— Fluff was rewarded handsomely for his modeling duties! The Easter eggs of this cat hat actually can be used to store cat treats! I call it the Easter Egg Hunt Cat fascinator and it’s the newest in my collection of cat hats in the Notso Kitty Shop! Stop on over soon to check out the latest kitty creations.

St Patricks Day Cat Hats!

Today happens to be a lovely President’s Day (observed), but I have another holiday on the brain: St Patrick’s Day! My kitties have been preparing for their favorite Irish holiday by modeling their new St. Pats-inspired looks for the Notso Kitty Shop! The shop has been a swirl of sequins, felt, pipe cleaners, cellophane among other materials lately in the name of the latest cat hat creations! And what fabulous looks they are…..

First we have Fluffy displaying a festive pair of St. Patrick’s Day shamrock kitty glasses! What cat doesn’t like to wear holiday glasses? None I tell you!

Fluffy Kitty St Patricks Day Glasses

Fluffy Kitty St Patricks Day Glasses

Now that’s one cool kitty!!! Fluffy decided that the glasses weren’t enough (and might not be the appropriate St Pats accessory for conservative kitties), so he decided a St Patricks Day Cat Hat would be needed as well. Here Fluff models his little sequined bowler cap that I made for him upon his request for more options.

St Pats Fluffy Cat Hat

St Patricks Day Fluffy Cat Hat

That’s one lucky Fluffy Kitty Cat! I’m continuing to come up with more and more cat hat looks for St Patricks Day (and other holidays) in the Notso Kitty Shop, so make sure to check them out if your are in the market for the latest in cat fashion attire!

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