Kitty Sparkle Party Hat

Kitty Sparkle Party Hat

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When was the last time your cat threw itself a party? Was it when you left a can of tuna momentarily unsupervised on the counter? Or perhaps it was when he or she discovered the toilet was open for a swim? Whenever the occasion your kitty was probably missing the proper party attire-- fix that problem by getting a cute little party hat today so kitty could celebrate in style!

This hat would be the perfect addition to any kitty birthday or New Years party!

The hat is constructed of stiffened felt, rhinestones, and tinsel pom-poms. It is held in place for short periods of (supervised) time on kitty's head by a small piece of elastic. Available made white felt with assorted silver pom poms: please select desired option (silver or multicolored rhinestones) at checkout. 

Thanks for looking at my item! If any questions, please don't hesitate to message me.