Cucumber Catnip Cat Toy

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In late 2015 the internet discovered a flaw in the otherwise impenetrable kitty defense system: the act of leaving a cucumber in a position where it will "surprise" kitty will cause the cat to flip their lid once it has been discovered. Don't believe me?? just google "cats and cucumbers" and you'll see! 

Cucumbers became enemy #1 for cats everywhere in a matter of minutes! What is a poor kitty to do in a world full of scary vegetables? Enter the "Death to Cucumbers" cat toy by Notso Kitty! This cucumber-likeness cat toy is guaranteed not to scare kitty and instead will let your feline friend get the revenge on their ENEMY #1 that they so crave! 

Contains organic catnip that will drive kitty bonkers!

Each toy is individually packaged in a poly bag with a Notso Kitty branded label.