Notso Kitty has been blessed to receive media attention from many notable press  outlets over the years--- here are some links to some of the fabulous mentions!


WBZ News: Feline History, Books, Art, and More Showcased At Salem Cat Museum … The cat museum created by the founder of Notso Kitty is highlighted  

Salem Gazette: In Salem, Pop-up feline fair unifies cat lovers … The cat event founded and sponsored by Notso Kitty is covered 

US Weekly: Outrageous Products to Spoil your Cat Like the Princess She Is … Planetary Cat Hat featured

Boston Voyager: Meet Wendy Casazza Scruton of Notso Kitty in Salem … Interview

Mental Floss Magazine: 5 Awesome and Adorable Products you can get at CatCon … Interview & cat glasses are featured

The NY Times : At CatCon, Breaking a Stereotype in Ears and Whiskers ….The Notso Kitty Shop has a mention and one of my potential party cat hat customers is interviewed in my booth at CatConLA!

The Purrington Post : Cat Camp NYC ….Several nice pictures of the Notso Kitty booth at the 2nd annual Cat Camp

Catster Magazine: Color Your Cats Playtime with These Visually Stimulating Toys … Notso Kitty's chill pill is featured

Modern Cat Magazine: Look What We Found … Notso Kitty's sparkle party hat is featured

Gothamist: Photos: Adorable Kitties Attend First-Ever Cat Camp in Chelsea … Notso Kitty booth pic featured

Dish Magazine: Cute, Cuddly, Fuzzy, Chic! The Best in Pet Fashion… Notso Kitty is a featured designer

The LA Times: CatConLA, 'a ComicCon for cat people,' set for June 6 & 7 in downtown LA… Notso Kitty star glasses featured in lead photo

89.3KPCC News : Scenes from CatConLA and 12 cat-related products you never knew existed …. Notso Kitty's Nurse Hat is product #2 :)

The Metro : Exclusive: Introducing the world's first cat convention - it's Comic-Con with cats … Kitty Miranda fruit basket hat is pictured

FoxNews : Best Gifts for TV addicts … Notso Kitty's Sharknado cat hat is featured

Austin Patch : Pop Cats Convention Coming to Austin in Celebration of Felines … Notso Kitty's wizard cat hat is featured in the leading photo

HoustonPress : The 10 Best Kanye West Items On Etsy … Notso Kitty's Kitty West glasses featured

Tails&toys : Notso Normal Catnip Toys … Notso Kitty's catnip kickers are reviewed 

Marcy Very MuchCatCon 2019 Shopping List… Notso Kitty's royal kitty crown is featured 

Oh Gizmo! : Every Cat Needs One : Solar System Cat Hat

Geekologie : OMG, HE NEEDS THAT : A Solar System Hat For Your Cat

Incredible ThingsCats Are the Center of The Universe Incredible Things : Sharknado Cat Hat

Buzzfeed: 15 Cats Who Can't Wait For St. Patrick's Day … #2 is Notso!

Buzzfeed: 19 adorable pets trying to sell you something…. #7 is Fluff!

Buzzfeed: 14 Cats who cannot wait for Valentine this Year … Notso is in a heart hat

Yahoo! : Celeb-inspired Halloween pet costumes …. Kitty West is featured

The Catington Post: Cat Lovers Rejoice: CatConLA is Coming! … Notso Kitty's Kitty Miranda hat is a featured photo

Brit +Co : 100 Genius Pet Costumes for Halloween … #23 is Kitty West

Distractify : 37 Pet Accessories Every Super Geek Must Own ….. Notso Kitty's Planetary Hat is featured

A Year of Boxes: KitnipBox Review October 2015 … Notso Kitty's 3-D Glasses are reviewed

Fashionably Geek : Sharknado Cat Hat Will Make All the Other Kitties Jealous

Ranker : 28 Awesome Products You'll Find at CatCon 2015… Kitty Miranda is featured

thegrio : Do you want to dress your cat like Kanye West?

The Fluffington Post: 5 Ways to Embarrass Your Cat

Philadelphia Magazine : Philadelphia Geek Awards … Notso Kitty planetary fascinator pictured on Stephanie Yuhas

Everday Sparks by Herb Gardener Blog : Well hello, kitty 

theFrisky : Deck Your Halls With this Chirstmas Ornament Cat "Fascinator" From Etsy

Empire : Empire Christmas Gift Guide : 100 Ideas…. Sharknado Cat Hat!

Catsparella : Etsy Hatter Will Have Your Cat Looking Like Princess Beatrice or the Solar System in No Time : 13 Cat and Cat Lady Christmas Finds You Can't Live Without …Notso Kitty's Christmas hat is featured

Rumorfix : No Joke: Woman Sells Kanye West Cat Costumes

ToplessRobot : A Sharknado Hat For Cats

Zookie : 7 Nerdiest Cats On the inter webs  … Planetary cat hat featured

TrendHunter : Feline Shark Meme Hats : The Ultimate in Cat Shaming